Day 2: London to Moscow – Just run through Pommereval, France. 76 miles completed.

Lovely run this morning. Ran through a really pretty village Pommereval. The roads were really quiet this morning, though I almost got run over by a french farmer with his HUGE tractor. Had to jump almost into a ditch to avoid him.

Pretty countryside. Really enjoying this stretch. The ferry trip was a bit rough – but the memories are already fading. I am really looking forward to getting to Paris which is another 86 miles. I should be there in two weeks time. Can’t wait. I love Paris.

Screenshot 2015-01-11 at 11.41.25

The whole route to Moscow
The whole route to Moscow
The route to Paris
The route to Paris

* Obviously, this is a virtual run. That means that I am running the miles, but I am converting that into a virtual run to Moscow from London. Most of my running is in London – runcommuting. I run at the weekends too. Converting the miles into a route somewhere in the world makes it all a bit more interesting. Plan is 2,015 miles for the year. Which will take me to an eastern suburb of Moscow by New Years Eve 2015.


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