My plans for 2015 – ultrarunning

This is the time of year when I try and plan ahead the races that I will do. I am only doing ultras this year. A combination of out and out races… and some events that I will use as training.

So what’s the difference? I tend not to race – but there are certain races that I will put more effort into. Others – particularly the Long Distance Walkers events I will run – but with friends and therefore will be more “social”.


What do I have in store for 2015?


Millennium Way Ultra – March – 38 miles

Kent Coastal – March – 210 miles over 4 days

Sevenoaks Circular – March – LDWA – 30 miles

North Downs Way 50 – May – 50 miles

South Downs Way 100 – June – 100 miles

Dusk til Dawn – October – 50 miles


I will do some other events as well – but haven’t yet planned them in – or entered them. I reckon I will knock out a few LDWA events – 30+ miles with friends during none race months. I have a lot to do to get ready for SDW100 – I want to be completely injury free, feeling strong, and well prepared. I won’t have long to recover after NDW 50 – so I will have to be ultra careful.


As well as races, and “training” races, I will be continuing to run-commute. That gives me a base mileage of around 150 miles a month – before any running that I do with the club at the weekend.


So, I look forward to a fab, fun-packed season of ultrarunning, feasting on my previous experiences, getting even stronger and faster and helping others get into their first Ultras.


Which races will you be doing?

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