Preparing to finish unfinished business – Dusk til Dawn 50

With little fewer than 6 months to go before I reattempt my ONLY DNF…. i am starting to think a little more about the Dusk til Dawn 50 mile Ultra Marathon. It is in Derbyshire – starting near Castleton. 

I attempted it last year – but sadly got injured at 19 miles. I was really grateful for the help from @ahealthierMoo – who risked her time to help me out. This year will be different. I am better prepared. I am getting down to my ideal race weight. I have the benefit of learning from my past mistakes. 

Over the next few months I will be getting my weight closer to my ideal. I will be getting my kit up to scratch. I will also be checking out the route and the profile, and properly planning my race strategy.  

One of the problems that I had last year was my trail shoes. I have now upgraded to More Mile Cheviots. They are superb in mud. So that should put me in a good place. I also have a waterproof and lightweight jacket – that will help keep me warm and won’t weight quite so much.

Love it. Have it. Live it. 

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