Sunday Run on the Kent Downs

What I love about being a runner is that feeling in the morning when I’m going for a run with friends. Today was my usual sunday run with Egerton Running Club.


We started at The Bowl Inn, up on the Downs between Charing and Lenham. Freezing cold up there – in comparison with the almost balmy 11 degrees back in Pluckley in the low lands.

I avoided most of the warm-up exercises. I have absolutely no balance what so ever, so I never do any of those exercise through fear of injury.

The route today was a figure of eight. Beautiful. Lots of hills going on, particularly on the second loop.. Great company as usual, and thanks to Charlie and Ness for sorting the route – and dropping water and jelly babies along the way.

The views are lovely up there. Managed to grab a photo too. That’s me on the far right.

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