New running gear – February 2014

It takes a lot to get me buying. I often think that prices are too high for the kit that I want and I’ve often been disappointed in the past with some of the equipment I have bought.

But from time to time there really isn’t another option other than to buy something. Things that i needed to replace.

My bum bag. I use it for races but it has a broken zip. Not much good when you need to carry house keys, car keys, phone etc. I picked up a brand new one.

Rucksack. I use this for my daily commute to work to carry a clean shirt and all my daily bits and pieces. I also use it for ultra marathons. Essential when races these days have a long list of required equipment including compass, maps, reflective heat blankets etc.

My trail shoes. I picked up some More Mile Cheviots. They are superb. And I need another pair because at this time of the year more often than not they are wet. There is nothing worse that putting wet shoes on at the start of a run.

Running jacket. I needed to get a waterproof and wind proof jacket. Lightweight. Practical. And small enough to roll up when not in use.

Shorts I’ve only got one pair of shorts. They are quite short and even wearing running tights I get “checked out” a lot. So I need to get some 7″ shorts. I will probably grab some more mile shorts from as they do two pairs for £10.

After a lot of research on the internet I chose a Montane Minimus jacket. It was a close run thing between the jacket and the smock (basically has a zip at the top rather than all the way down the front). Price was £92.

I was out in Whitstable, Kent today. Happened across Mountain Warehouse. I expected high prices but I was pleasantly surprised. They had a sale. My eyes lit up.

I picked up a mountain warehouse bum bag to replace my broken one. It’s got three compartments which means I have one for my phone. One for keys. One for gels and jelly babies. Just £4.99 down from almost £20. Bargain!

I stumbled across a rucksack. Looked good but then my wife spotted a really lightweight pack. And best of all just £9.99 down from £29.99. It packs down into itself and is absolutely tiny.

While I was browsing and worrying about whether my More Mile Cheviot trail shoes (grey and yellow) would dry out in time for the 30 mile Punchbowl race tomorrow I spotted a pair of shoes that looked very familiar and at just £19.99. Yes. They are the same unbranded More Mile Cheviots that I recently bought and absolutely love. Great grip and brilliant in mud. They are Mountain Warehouse Scramble Extreme trail shoes in blue and black They are pretty identical and should perform exactly the same.

Looking forward to tomorrow to check out my new equipment.










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