31 days left: running round the lake

After a SLOW start to the day (lazed in bed til fuck knows when!) we headed down to the cafe for breakfast (ahem, lunch).

Bacon roll and coffee to jolt the system into action. Susie had toasted tea cakes and tea.

We drove down to Keswick to do a run around the lake. It looked to be something around ten miles so perfect for a run.

Parked up in the long stay car park and then tried to navigate our way out onto a path around the lake.

So many beautiful views around each corner.

The start just by the theatre in Keswick
Piers for the boats 🚤
Stunning view from the lakeside
Just over 9 miles

Guess many people would think it odd to go to the Lake District and run low level around a lake instead of heading up into the mountains?

Not for us. I like to just enjoy the run and not think about technical climbs. Also my piriformis fucking hates hills!!

Have you been to the Lake District? Are you a mountain lover or a flat lander? Comment below.

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