35 days left. Parkrace sandwich

Struggled the last few days to get any serious training done and work has been mental.

It’s been a case of trying to fit any running in at all in between crazy work and travelling.

Today I was up doing the parkrun near my parents. I wanted to run but not go hard.

I was supposed to do hours of running on the trail. But I just couldn’t face it. I’m knackered after the last crazy week.

We arrived at parkrun after a jog and then listened to the briefing.

I figured going out for a run was better than nothing and if I felt ok I’d run perhaps somewhere half Mara effort perhaps.

We started off around mid pack and just did our own thing. Keeping consistent and not pushing. With the last half mile to go I ran a little faster. Probably more like 5k pace.

Went over the line and felt happy I had gone out early for the run. We saw a guy in a wheeled frame making his way around parkrun.

Average was around 8:20 a mile for the parkrun. Had a jog before and after.

Tomorrow is a roadtrip. Looking forward to the lakes.

Do you run much on holiday?

How do you balance work, life and running?

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