Vote for the UntrainingUltrarunner

…… because I have a blog….. and it is about running….. and I don’t want my wife and my mum to be the only real people who vote for me. My backup plan is to get in touch with Putin to see if he can arrange some Russian Bots to randomised their IP addresses and vote for me in the biggest upset of 2017 voting 🙂 I think it might also be a test of who has the most friends or people who can be persuaded to click on the button.

and …..

if I win….. there may be some cake involved for me to SNORT! 🙂

Click here – (or on the image below)

and go to the publications category, and then blogs (there are lots of good ones on there – way better than mine….. – so either vote for those better ones…. or vote for me! If you vote for me you’ll get even more wordage to readage).


Also, have a look at the other blogs because there are some absolutely awesome ones there.

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