Day 26: Charles De Gaulles airport (Goissanville) – 6 miles – 171.1 miles

Today was the first day in my new running shoes. I love trying out new shoes. I often find that they make me faster. Is it the placebo effect? Maybe the excitement of having something new? Or maybe there is actually something in it!

My running shoes? They are Nike Flex show TR2. How do they feel? I would describe them as feeling like a sports-car – as opposed to my trusty More Mile Oslo (which are no longer available in my size) which were very much like a fast hot hatch. Basically they are very minimalist, they weight in a little heavier though (300g v’s 250g), but they feel harder and closer to the ground. They have a flexi sole – similar to my Oslos.


Where have I reached? I’m right near Charles de Gaulle airport in the outskirts of Paris.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 at 20.55.15

Lovely view hey?

Screenshot 2015-01-26 at 20.54.24

It means that I have covered 171.1 miles so far since I started in London on 1 January 2015. (Ignore the ferry journey mileage!). Next stop is Mons in Belgium. Looking forward to a lovely belgian beer. I really love Mort Subite. Check out the map below.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 at 20.54.11

I love Belgium. We had our Honeymoon in Bruges. In fact I might visit there on my way through to Berlin.

What is your favourite thing about Belgium? Do you find you run faster with new running shoes? Have you read the rest of my journey so far?

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