Day 5: 7.4 miles – Mauquency through Argueil (London To Moscow Run) 95.8 miles complete

Hi everyone. So, another day – and more of Normandy. While it is very beautiful – it is quite “samey”.

I’m going to try and find some off road routes tomorrow so I can avoid the road. Actually, I am trying to avoid the French crazy motorists! The number of time I have had to jump into the hedge I have lost count.

The village of Argueil dates back to the 16th century. There was a lovely church and a Chateau. I love the architecture around here. So different from Kent.


I felt really strong running today. Met more locals – including a cool old chap called Olivier. He spoke French. Never left his village. That’s pretty cool. I’ve been practicing my french too, and I’ve fallen in love with the local coffee around here.

Lovely view
Lovely view

Reasonable progress today. 7.4 miles. Nice and easy. It was pretty flat too.

Ran between the two dots today
Ran between the two dots today

A reminder of the route…. you can see the little dot to the north west of Paris. I have 60.9 miles to go til I reach the centre of Paris. What should I get there as a fitting souvenir?

Overview of the route
Overview of the route

Til tomorrow. How is your running going? Any challenges. Let me know below….


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