Twelve Ghosts of Pluckley Ultra

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The ghosts of Pluckley have set a challenge for the runners around these parts. Each have set a running route. Some routes are short and easy (their joints ain’t what they used to be).

Some of the ghosts are more spritely, and can be seen out on Sunday for a long run. All the routes are on public rights of way, roads, and public footpaths (the
ghosts have stayed away from some of their usual haunts).

You can do as many routes as you like, and of course, there will be refreshments on offer all day and night. Do it Solo, in a team of 2 or 4. Up to you!! The ghosts have agreed that if anyone completes all 12 routes in the 24 hours then they will give something special to remember the event.

The challenge begins at 9:00am on Saturday 6 September. The challenge ends at 9.00am on Sunday 7 September.

The Ghosts have not made the
challenge straightforward.

1) The routes criss-cross each other (some of the ghosts don’t get on very well).
2) The routes are not marked (but the ghosts have cleverly provided directions, and for the techies – a GPX route for your running watch)
3) Some of the routes are off-road, and may involve crossing recently ploughed farmers fields.
4) The route is, undulating…. with 3,421 feet of ascent
5) There are 69 miles in total (but some of the ghosts are terrible at counting so it might be more).
6) Unless you are VERY fast, then you will be running in the dark (ghosts favourite time of the day!) Sunset is at 7:36pm that evening – so that would mean you would have to run around 9 minute mile pace consistently for 69 miles to complete in day-light!

On the plus side….

8) Each route starts and finishes at Ghost HQ in Pluckley. That’s a massive advantage because you will not have to carry kit or food with you on the routes
9) The shortest distance is just one mile. The longest
is 12.2 miles. It is your choice which order to complete the routes.
10) The routes will be on display at race HQ. It is up to you to weigh up whether you want to run shorter routes at night, or save the longer,and mostly trail routes for the daytime. Entirely up to you. Most of the routes involve a mixture of terrain.

Other things

11) This is a social run event. Think of it as an eating and drinking festival – with some running thrown in for good measure.

12) Runners are a friendly lot, so you might choose to run in groups and to enjoy the challenges of navigating together (and indeed at night, it might be wise and safer because of the ghosts……).

13) Remember, you will be running near to houses at some point (so especially at night, be very very quiet and respectful of neighbours).

Equipment / Kit:

This is up to you. This isn’t a full-on competitive race. A social
event. Above all be safe – and look after each other out there.

– Headtorch (Lenser H7 is very good) if running at night
– Spare batteries for your head torch.
– Bring your charger for your running watch.
– mobile phone – in case of emergency
– ability to follow written (though abbreviated directions).
– waterproof jacket (if it’s cold and wet).
– a long sleeved top in case it gets cold.
– Ghostly Fancy dress (at least make a bit of an effort!)
– your usual running gear!
– Usual gels and goodies

– running / cycling or navigation device (can download routes).
– trail shoes for some of the route (in case it is muddy
– you might want to allow us to track where you are (for safety) – i.e.using your smartphone
– tent if you want to catch a few zzzzzzzzz’s during the night (if you don’t want the commotion of the house).
– Husbands, boyfriends, wives, girlfriends, partners, other support crew welcome at HQ (as long as they help with refreshments!).

There is no entry fee, but if you can bring some savoury snacks / goodies / drinks to add to the pile the ghosts at HQ would really appreciate it so they can keep everyone plied with food and drink all day.

This is a low key and small event with a limited number of runners. (Ghosts are scared of the crowds!).

Remember, you can do as much or as little as you want, and do it as part of a team (only one runner allowed on the route at a time, or as solo runners). You can even walk if you want to… Be safe, and enjoy!!!


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