Running the Coast

In 2015 me and some running friends started to run the coast of the UK.

We set off from Dartford on 13 March and ran for 4 days until, 177 miles later, we reached Hythe – almost at the end of the Kent Coast.

In 2016, we pick up where we left off in Hythe, and run 200+ miles over 4 days to reach Bournemouth. Where, I am sure, we will go for a paddle in the water.

We will do the Isle of Wight over a weekend – so that we can enjoy the beauty of the island without the craziness of organising two ferries to bookend 70 miles of running – and so we can do it in the daylight.

The rest of the coast lies ahead of us. There is something special about running around the perimeter of the UK. I look forward to the rest of the journey.


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