London to Moscow Run* 2015

An epic Adventure? Or something stupid?

I was sat at home and thinking “How can I make my run-commute more interesting?”. I am pretty sure I bore most of my non-running friends, and some of my running friends about my daily, weekly, monthly, annual running miles. And that is before I post special updates during Ultra-races, and after events.

I got the idea of plotting out a route that covers around 2,015 miles. Starting from London. And going somewhere quite interesting. Via some other places that are quite interesting. Incidentally, I am going from London – Paris – Berlin, Minsk. After a bit of googlemapping I found that Moscow is around that kind of distance from London. Why 2,015 miles? It is obvious isn’t it!?

So, each time I run, I use a GPS gadget to track my mileage, and then work out where I am on the route that I plotted to Moscow. And I find out a bit about the place that I have “run” through. All a bit of fun. That is all. Hopefully it brightens your day as much as mine.

Will you support me along this epic “blogging and running” journey?


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