1001 Movies challenge

My wife and I were useless at watching films. How so? Well – we would endlessly discuss what to watch and then it would get too late to watch anything.

Help was at hand – we bought the 1001 Movies to watch before you die book. It’s a lovely coffee table book (though it is thick rather than large footprint).

We are working our way through the book. We are scoring the films. There are five criteria.

1) Plot
2) Characters
3) Sound
4) Visuals
5) Rewatch

Interested in what we have scored the films? The score (column = Our Score %) is a the mean of me and my wife’s scores on each of those five criteria. Simple as that. I have also included data in the spreadsheet on the year, genre, director, IMDB scores.

Interested in what you think. Are you doing something similar? Maybe you disagree with our scores. Great to hear from you either way.

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