33 days left: finally did some running 🙃

It’s so beautiful up in the lakes.

Had a lush meal last night at the pub in the village. Walking distance. Lovely curry and a few beers 🍻. I was really quite impressed by the food. Way better than expected.

This morning we decided to go for an hour locally. Nothing crazy just to get the lay of the land. I can’t do anything crazy at the moment because hills really fuck up my piriformis.

We stayed low. The trails were lush!

A mini waterfall

Wild garlic EVERYWHERE!

Rivers, and lots of great views.

We got back as it started to rain. Enjoyed that run. More tomorrow. Get out in the morning probably.

We went for a drive out to Keswick. It’s like a little Chamonix. Found a lush cafe called Lake Road Brunch and had a really lovely eggs Benedict with salt beef. Susie had salmon.

On the way back we stopped by a forestry commission car park and had a short walk.

This was from an osprey view point. Didn’t see any ospreys but we did see a red squirrel.

Any food recommendations for the area north of Keswick?

Might as well ask around runs and walks too? (No mountains though! My ass doesn’t like it).

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